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Phase II

Once the homepage design has been approved, we convert the design into HTML and upload it to a private directory for you to view. By this point in the design process we consider the project to be halfway complete. The second 1/3 payment will be due, along with your written approval for building and coding the additional pages according to the prearranged specifications.

Phase III

After the site pages are fully constructed we will generate the coding necessary for search engine optimization and submission. Your assistance throughout this process will be necessary so that we can include essential key terms relative to your business. Please note that we can not guarantee when or where search engines will place your website in their directories. The stronger our optimization is of the site, the better your chances are for placement within the search engine directories.

Your site will also go through extensive testing with different browsers, platforms and resolutions so that any errors or functionality problems can be corrected. The site will be considered “live” at this point and you will be invoiced for the final 1/3 payment. We will also require your final written approval at this time.

Phase III Continued

Once approval and final payment have been received, the site will be moved off of our private directory and onto your hosting server. If required, requested domain names will be pointed to your new site.

We will be glad to discuss maintenance options at this point if you have updates or other additions to your site.

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