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Site Development

During the initial consultation, the scope of the project and primary focus of the site will be determined, as well as any necessary logo development. The homepage and any additional pages that will be needed will be discussed, and a list will be generated with these pages, titles and general ideas for their content. Please reference any sites that have offered design inspiration for your site, and what color, style or format preferences you would like for us to include. Discussion of domain name registration and hosting options are included.

After collecting this preliminary information, we will provide a quote for you via email or fax. Upon your acceptance of the quote, and initial down payment of 1/3 the total price, Phase I of the project will begin.

Phase I

Once Phase I is underway, we assist you in gathering necessary text, data, information and photos for your site. Our design process relies heavily on relevant data you supply us about your business. It is important to be aware that our delivery time in Phase I is closely linked to your delivery time in supplying us with basic facts and information about your business. Once we collect the information you supply us, your homepage conceptualization begins.

Phase I Continued

The initial concept design will be emailed to you for approval and feedback as to any necessary changes. It is easier to make changes and corrections now in this early stage rather than after the site is coded into HTML.

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